Reabertura Atendimentos ao Público

Informamos os nossos Clientes, Fornecedores e Amigos que reabrimos a loja física, com atendimentos ao público.
Tendo em consideração a segurança de todos, adoptamos todas as medidas recomendadas pela Direcção Geral de Saúde.
De momento o atendimentos ao publico só será efectuado mediante marcação.
Ficamos à espera de uma visita, com toda a segurança.

Horário Atendimento Agosto

Informamos os nossos Clientes, durante o mês de Agosto teremos alteração do horário de atendimento,
Segunda feira a Sexta feira – 10h às 15h
Sábado – 10h às 13h
Encerrado para Férias de 11 a 17 de Agosto.

M500, The Revolution

M500, The Revolution

The Millennium Revolutio


Revolution is evolution and all things must go through continuous evolution to survive, this is as true in our sport as in all things.
It has been clear to all at The Millennium and the entire wider industry that the sport of paintball needs to adapt to bring back a greater skill element and more enjoyable playing experience.

Our solution will be exhibited on the CPL field in Puget as a tournament between four of the World’s top teams. The rest of the event will remain on the traditional format until 2016.

Why change? What’s wrong with Tournament Paintball?

The game has evolved to a point where the need to fire vast amounts of paint is becoming the norm.
This is leading to a lower reward for skilful play, increasing team budgets at a time where recovery from the financial crisis is slow & an experience which is often becoming a negative to attract new players.

The Millennium has been listening to player comments and feedback as well as those of the industry & has wrestled with finding a simple & effective solution without taking anything away from what’s great about our sport

Many parts of the current format are very good with the Millennium’s original Race 2 concept being adopted world-wide.
One of the reasons that Race2 was a success is the ability to easily adapt the format to players with different skill levels & budgets by simply changing the number of points played.
We see no point or reason in changing this successful format, which has also made this an exciting sport to watch as a spectator, which has not been the case for many years.

Like other sports that involve continuous participation costs & equipment evolution, we must all remain relevant to the vast majority of grass roots players and the real world.

The Solution: M500

Using the current Race2 format but adding a limited number of paintballs per player per point.
This number can be changed over time or by the player level/budget to achieve the best results for all.
Our initial research leads us to believe that for The Millennium, this number works best at 500 balls/player/point.

How does it work?

Each player can access the field for each point with 1 loader (220 paint loaders) and 2 140 round paintballs pods.
Before starting each point at the start base, players can switch pods between teammates.
The game is then played using the normal Race2 format.

It’s as simple as that


New Dye Rotor R2

The Dye Rotor R2™ follows in the tradition of the most radical innovation in paintball loader technology.
The R2™ fuses simplicity with mind-blowing feed rates and reliability. Through both professional player and customer feedback, our engineering team meticulously reconfigured and reengineered the R2™, to reset the standard in loader technology.
The Rotor R2™ includes a highly innovative multi-capacity shell that allows the user to choose between 200 or 260 round capacity on the fly, without the need for additional shells or parts.
The Rapid Release Lid is the fastest and most intuitive quick change lid system on the market, allowing for effortless changes between Dye Quickfeeds™ and Traditional lids. The large mouth lid opening is 15% larger than its predecessor and ensures that loading your force-fed hopper is quick and effortless.
All new circuit board logic provides an industry’s first Reload Alert System, in addition to the Reload Alert System the new Dynamic Force Control insures that your R2 is feeding consistent and is gentle on paint.
Trusted quality and proven consistency have made the Dye Rotor platform the number one choice in loader technology among top-level players worldwide.
The Rotor R2™ was created to push this reputation forward, giving you what you need to win. R2 is THE CHOICE OF CHAMIONS™













Hugo Domingues returns to Millennium Series

Hugo Domingues was a regular player at The Millennium events from the very beginning, last playing with Lisbon Benfica. In 2012 there was an incident which involved Hugo in a violent act against a referee. In a subsequent hearing Hugo was banned from EPBF & Millennium events for a substantial period. At the time Hugo accepted responsibility for his actions, apologised and understood why a ban was imposed.

Since then Hugo has continued to assist teams in his native Portugal and still has a great passion for our sport. There have been no similar actions at any other events that prompted his ban. Hugo has approached the Millennium with a desire to be able to once again compete in the best series in the world and to do so has offered a large financial penalty.

After much consideration and takin into account Hugo’s love of the sport, assurances of no future freak moments and bearing in mind Hugo’s many positive actions, the Millennium is prepared to suspend this ban & enable his return to the series. Rather than paying a huge sum we have agreed that Hugo will continue his good work with young teams in Portugal and will pay a fine of €500 which will be awarded to the winners of the first Millennium 3-man competition in Puget 2015.

Whereas The Millennium’s first priority is to ensure the safety of its customers & staff, we firmly believe that lessons have been learned with the ban already served and that Hugo has earned a chance to enjoy the Millennium whilst he’s still young enough to compete.

This is what Hugo Domingues had to say:

“SAUDADE it’s a typical Portuguese Word that you cannot translate to other languages, but it’s the most appropriate way to describe my life for the last 2 and a half years that I’ve been away from the Best Paintball League in the World… THE MILLENNIUM PAINTBALL SERIES.

The best way to translate SAUDADE to English words is, trying to explain when you are incomplete or missing something at the point of not feeling able to breathe properly from missing something so much… and I could be here trying to explain how hard these times have been to me for days, since I’ve been playing the Millennium Series from it’s Beginning and only missed like 2 events since the Series started (one I got Married and was on Honeymoon and the other one my son was born)…

It’s with great regret that I talk about the incident that I’ve been involved with the Referee, and would like to apologize to everyone involved and ask for your forgiveness.

I’ve always been involved in Paintball since I can remember even when we were all still in the woods Playing MEGA CAMPO, TOULOUSE, MAYHEM MASTERS, etc… I’ve been around for so long that I can’t remember (No I do remember every game every event cause paintball is my life and my passion).

And it’s with great joy that after talking with various Millennium Directors, I would like to say thank you all for the opportunity that the Millennium Board is giving me to come back and feel complete once more.

I won’t let you down you have my word on it.

Your friend

Hugo Domingues”

Millennium Series 2015

New to Each Event:
•There will be at each Millennium event a field available where spectators will be able to give paintball a go. This field will also be used to run 3man competitions.
•Camping will be available at each event to help make playing top end tournament paintball much more affordable and help players with limited budgets.
•A huge amount of time and money will be spent in promoting our events to the outside Paintball world with the most professional web cast ever, an advertising agency and local promotions.

Rule Changes 2015:
•Paint: In order to make the game more interesting, appealing to mainstream audiences by making it easier to follow allowing spectators and TV audiences to watch games unfold in a much clearer way, only Lime green (Pantone 375c, 376c, 368c) and Bright orange (Pantone 1505c, 021c, 1585c) shell will be allowed.

New Divisions:
•Open Division 3 (OD3) – Affordable Paintball. Available to any team which has not played a Millennium event in the last 2 years. Race to 2 format, played on Saturday and Sunday. Price €750 plus VAT, to include 10 boxes of paint.
•3-Man. Several formats including 50cal will be played at each event, on the open field. No ID Card required.

Roster Changes 2015:
In 2015 Team Rosters will only be locked in the top 3, locked divisions. Please pay attention to the new seasonal roster limits:

CPL – 10 (no change)
SPL1 – 10 (instead of 12)
SPL2 – 12 (instead of 14)

Event Roster for ALL teams will now be 9 players.

Unlimited roster for ALL unlocked divisions – OD1, OD2, OD3, 3man. This now allows players to SWITCH teams throughout the season, allowing further opportunities for players to attend more events.

N.B – Players can only change teams within the unlocked divisions (OD1, OD2, OD3, 3man)

ID Prices:
ID Card prices remain the same as for 2015, but we will introduce a 1 Event card at €25 or €20 if you pre-register.

Prize Money:
CPL prize money will now be allocated at the end of each event, based on the results from that event as follows:

1st Place – €5000
2nd Place – €3000
3rd Place – €2000

Further Information:
Many people have contacted the Millennium over the last few days regarding some rules change on the other side of the Atlantic. We want to make clear that we will not be “semi auto only” as the Millennium believe this is an unenforceable rule and very open to abuse.

Regarding coaching, the rule stays the same as previous years. No communication is allowed by anyone (players, coaches, pit crew or any other person) from the designated pit-areas and fenced area near the netting from the spectator’s side, to the active field of play during any team points or matches. (Article 8.9.1).

However, we still encourage spectators to support their favourite team and we believe that the atmosphere from grandstands on the spectator’s side is very important for our sport.

Layouts will continue to be released 4 weeks prior to the event.

If the Millennium is today the best Paintball league in the world, it’s mainly because we have continuously tried to put on the best show possible, but also to be the fairest and most competitive series for teams. We believe that all rules should be applied to all divisions as we are all playing the same game.

Lets together make 2015 a true festival of Paintball, enjoyable for all, but with true and fair competition.